The stat keepers were very busy on Nov. 24, 1960, keeping track of the bouncing ball ー and Wilt Chamberlain’s location on the court from start to finish.

The Philadelphia Warriors superstar played all 48 minutes and grabbed an NBA-record 55 rebounds in a 132-129 loss to the visiting Boston Celtics. Chamberlain nearly outrebounded the Celtics all by himself; they finished with 59 boards. Bill Russell had an 18-point, 19-rebounding effort.

The Warriors pulled down 90 rebounds, with the incomparable Wilt setting the tone in the low post.

Boston converted 52 of 109 shots on the night; Philly made 52 of 128. Wilt was 15-for-42 from the floor in a 34-point performance.

Years later, Chamberlain spoke about his 55-rebound outing in an interview.

“The thing that I remember most about the 55 rebounds was when the game was over that I was probably more tired than I’ve ever been in my entire life,” the Hall of Famer said.