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Alex Belth loves collecting stories and preserving history, using his website, The Stacks Reader, to curate articles, essays, columns and other forms of journalism. “It gives me a tremendous sense of satisfaction that I am doing something that is bigger than me,” he says. “Labor of love is a good term because it’s not financially lucrative, but creatively and emotionally, it’s incredibly enriching. Changed my life.”

By Ed Odeven
Tokyo (April 11, 2020) — Call him The Curator. He’s earned the title.

With omnipresent enthusiasm and curiosity, Alex Belth curates a jaw-dropping mix of great journalism, obscure literature, hidden gems, long-form reportage on an endless array of subjects, from dozens of defunct magazines (remember WigWag?) to popular publications from yesteryear (True, Look and much more).

The Stacks Reader is one of the best websites about American culture, offering illuminating insights into the lives and ideas of well-known personalities…

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