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By Ed Odeven
TOKYO (June 25, 2018) — Award-winning critic and author Bijan C. Bayne delivers a detailed account of Elgin Baylor’s greatness as a basketball player and the historic impact of his amazing career from the playgrounds and gyms of Washington, D.C. to the College of Idaho to Seattle University to the NBA’s Lakers (first in Minneapolis, then in Los Angeles).

Every step of the way, Bayne chronicles Baylor’s exploits with thorough research, drawing upon an impressive list of contemporary sources to tell the story. Newspapers, magazines, books and websites are referenced throughout the biography, which enrich the narrative.

In 2015, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. published the hardcover book. The paperback edition was released two years later, and recently seized my attention from start to finish.

Bijan C. Bayne

A gifted observer and pundit, Bayne captures the essence of Baylor’s greatness. He explains again and again why Baylor…

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