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By Ed Odeven
TOKYO (June 15, 2018)
Third in a series

The power of the written word, of the spoken word, of journalism to make an argument — or simply tell a story — in persuasive, coherent passages remains Stephen Brunt’s mission du jour.

For him, it’s enough.

Packing a punch into each written paragraph, picking the right words and the right phrases to make a point are his supreme skills.

Exhibit A: A 2016 tribute to all-time hockey legend Gordie Howe. Narrating for Sportsnet, where Brunt serves as Mr. Versatility, he provides a vivid example.

There’s an understated beauty in focusing on one important task: telling a story.

Listen to Brunt’s words and watch how they perfectly complement the images of Howe’s hockey career.


The skill for asking the right questions strengthens Brunt’s work.

Noting the longevity of Mr. Hockey’s career — from 1946 to the early ’80s…

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