Modern life is bombarded by a 24/7 news cycle, an endless loop often filled with cynicism, scandals, and superficiality. So it’s refreshing to stumble upon an upbeat story that’s not any of those things.

Here’s one: Former Hosei University point guard Michael Malhotra, who battled leukemia and recovered from it, is now working to make the biggest assist of all — helping to saving lives.

How? Malhotra is genuinely committed to raising public awareness about the need for an increase in blood donations. What’s more, he is determined to be involved in this initiative for years to come. He aims to galvanize the basketball community, students and young adults to become active blood donors.

During a recent interview, Malhotra discussed his battle with leukemia as a young man, his basketball career, family, faith, future goals and positive outlook on life.

Malhotra exudes energy, and it’s easy to see why: He readily admits that he drew inspiration from Muhammad Ali during his battle with leukemia. While in the hospital, he studied Ali’s life and gained strength from the fighter’s character and memorable quotes about mental strength and courage.

Like countless others, the 22-year-old considers the late, legendary fighter a big hero and role model.

“Everyone thought of him when he did stuff and when he was fighting, and his thing was all about believing in himself,” Malhotra told Hoop Scoop. “. . . And when I was in the hospital I learned how important it is to believe in yourself.”

Source: Former Hosei University guard Michael Malhotra aims to boost blood donations throughout Japan | The Japan Times