Rick Wolff wore many hats in his professional life (author, editor, talk-show host and professional baseball player, to name a few). He was a gifted communicator and a very smart guy (he had a master’s degree in psychology), not just in book smarts but in knowing how to treat people.

He was a people person and a very positive individual. Rick passed away on April 10, losing his battle with brain cancer at age 71.

I only crossed paths with Rick via a series of email exchanges, but he was very helpful in providing some background on a few basketball columns that I wrote many years ago. To call him polite would be a vast understatement.

In another sports journalism-related project, I also communicated with Rick via email and he relayed my general inquiries to his father, Bob, a legendary sportscaster, too. They combined their memories and thoughts in an email response rich with details and illuminating insights. Thanks to their generosity and helpful information, Rick and Bob Wolff provided enough material for a chapter in Part 2 of “Going 15 Rounds With Jerry Izenberg.”

Thanks again, Rick, and RIP.

Here’s Rick’s review of my book (from Amazon): “I had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Jerry Izenberg when he wrote a simply stunning book for me which was entitled NO MEDALS FOR TRYING. It was a truly inside look at what goes on during the week when two top NFL teams prepare for combat against each other. Jerry was somehow able to sit in on the secret strategy meetings with the Giants and Eagles that week, and in doing so, he captured an unflinching look at both teams. But Ed Odeven’s book goes far beyond that one story. Jerry Izenberg has been a true icon in the world of sportswriting for decades, and Ed does a simply masterful job in retelling Jerry’s extraordinary stories. Highly recommended!”