This article was published on in January 2020.

By Ed Odeven

The podcast “In All Airness” is closing in on a special milestone: episode No. 100.

The 97th and most recent episode, released in early January, featured a lengthy interview with former NBA player Danny Schayes, son of Hall of Famer Dolph.

In All Airness host Adam Ryan punctuates each episode with extensive research, enthusiasm, a thirst for knowledge about each guest and a fan’s genuine love for the game.

From his native Australia, Ryan delivers thoughtful questions and develops a strong rapport with his guests. For the website, YouTube clips, numerous photographs and various newspaper clippings enhance the interviews, too.

Ryan does his homework and provides a thorough presentation of each subject’s unique place in basketball history. The impressive guest list includes photographers, journalists, broadcasters, public-address announcers and others.

Some of the program’s many guests

Here’s a partial rundown on some of the guests who’ve appeared on his podcast in recent years:

Christian Laettner (episode No. 3)
Andrew Gaze (No. 4)
Luc Longley (No. 5)
Cliff Robinson (No. 6)
Peter Vecsey (No. 8)
Sam Smith (No. 11)
Bob Hill (No. 14)
Ian Eagle (No. 15)
Terry Cummings (No. 17)
Kenny Anderson (No. 31)
Mike Fratello (No. 32)
Jim McIlvaine (Nos. 39 and 40)
Eddie Johnson (No. 41)
Kendall Gill (No. 42)
Bill Cartwright (No. 43)
Todd Spehr (No. 55)
Dale Ellis (No. 57)
Mitchell Butler (No. 67)
Don Casey (No. 76)
Andrew Bernstein (No. 77)
Mark Price (No. 87)
Xavier McDaniel (No. 91)

There’s often a Michael Jordan-centric theme to the podcasts and some of them feature special episodes that highlight and celebrate aspects of Jordan’s career. For example, in June 2013, on episode No. 24, Adam Ryan and Todd Spehr discuss the late Drazen Petrovic’s basketball career and legacy 20 years after his death.

Other episodes commemorate a particular aspect of His Airness’ legendary career. An August 2018 episode, for instance, is a celebration of Michael Jordan’s third pro season, focusing on the start of the playoffs through the NBA Finals.

The mission of In All Airness

In May 2012, Adam Ryan spelled out his mission for his website and podcast.

“Welcome to In all Airness,” Ryan wrote. “The goal is to become the pre-eminent residence for fans of Michael Jordan-era basketball. Whilst my focus is Michael Jeffrey Jordan, I cover plenty of NBA history-related topics.

“My point of difference is a sharp focus on basketball past. In all Airness is for the fans – I encourage your input. Please make your voice heard. What features or discussion of Memory Lane, NBA, interest you most?”

In the same month, he introduced himself in the very first entry on the website: