Ed Odeven Reporting

This article appeared in the Arizona Daily Sun in April 2004.

‘Black Cloud’ a knockout picture for audience and Chinle family

By Ed Odeven

When someone’s life inspires a movie, does that person find the movie inspiring?

That’s the question I posed to Chinle boxer Lowell Bahe in a phone conversation Thursday, seven days after “Black Cloud” made its cinematic debut at the Phoenix Film Festival in Scottsdale.

“Oh, yes,” Bahe declared. “Now that it’s out, it’s like you can’t slack off because people are looking at you now. … You’ve just got to work harder and practice what you preach.”

What Bahe preaches is a tireless dedication to his craft. Day after day, he works on his powerful combination of jabs and hooks and, of course, the all-important footwork at his father Cal’s gym, the Damon-Bahe Boxing Gym, which is next door to their home.

Bahe has won six…

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