Ed Odeven Reporting

I’ve been reading a stack of old Sports Illustrated issues from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, and the depth and variety of coverage was quite impressive. One of the biggest cover stories from my new collection is from the Aug. 4, 1969, issue, with Boston Celtics great Bill Russell on the cover.

The articles appears on Pages 18-19 of the 66-page issue under the headline “I’M NOT INVOLVED ANYMORE.”

The story begins this way: “Since 1943, when I first saw a basketball, I’ve played approximately 3,000 game, organized and otherwise. I think that’s enough.”

My favorite part of the story is the honesty and clear language he uses to describe the game.

“Let’s talk about statistics,” Russell says. “The important statistics in basketball are supposed to be points scored, rebounds and assists. But nobody keeps statistics on other important things—the good fake you make that helps your teammate score; the…

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