Ed Odeven Reporting

Here’s a feature story/analysisI wrote about Tokyo’s bid for the 2020 Olympics for Sports On Earth in September 2013.


By Ed Odeven

TOKYO — Fueled by the twin catalysts of top-down organizational enthusiasm and strong financial backing, the Tokyo 2020 Bid Committee is seen by many as the clear favorite to be awarded the 2020 Summer Olympics. Madrid and Istanbul are the other two finalists, the former bidding for the third straight time and the latter making its fifth consecutive bid. Tokyo also bid for the 2016 Olympics, but Rio de Janeiro emerged victorious.

Madrid’s bid is impacted by Spain’s severe economic problems, like 27 percent unemployment.The Guardianreported Friday that Spain’s under-25 unemployment now stands at an alarming 56.1 percent, second in the European Union to Greece’s 62.9. Istanbul’s bid likewise is affected by rising tensions, fears and anxiety in the Middle East as the Olympic…

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