Ed Odeven Reporting

By Ed Odeven

First impressions can make a huge difference.

From time to time, in fact, I’ve wondered … what if?

What if Mike “Gabe” Gabrielson made a lousy first impression? What if he barked out, “Get lost, kid.”

In the summer of 1990 — early August, to be precise — I visited the KTUC (news/talk-radio station), showing up in the lobby one weekday afternoon. And I asked if I could speak to the sports man-in-charge.

That guy was Gabrielson. I was 16 and eager to gain experience as a radio announcer, specifically in sports. I asked Gabe, as he was known on his weekday afternoon show, “Sports Talk Tucson,” if there were any current or upcoming opportunities at the Tucson radio station.

He eagerly said yes.

That caught my attention.

Another guy working at the station, Tony Fernandez, hosted a Friday night football show with student correspondents from across…

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