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By Ed Odeven
TOKYO (July 30, 2018)
Eighth in a series

By the turn of the century, Stephen Brunt was a well-established, well-regarded sports columnist with a loyal readership at The Globe and Mail, a newspaper he first worked for as an intern in 1982.

Around that time, he also had lost interest in churning out books, such as “Second To None: The Roberto Alomar Story” (published in 1992), just for the case of writing them.

It wasn’t what he wanted to do.

And he had his column to occupy his time.

Eventually, the motivation reappeared and the Canadian journalist was back on track and working on what would become “Facing Ali: 15 Fighters / 15 Stories,” which was published in March 2003 by Lyons Press. The 320-page hardcover tome, later released in paperback, provides the perspectives of those who battled in the ring with Muhammad Ali. Their fascinating stories…

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