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IMG_0580By Ed Odeven
TOKYO (Feb. 12, 2019) — A basketball book featuring jacket-cover quotes by Bob Costas (on the front) and Peter Vecsey and Sam Smith (on the back) delivers a stamp of authenticity that cannot be refuted.

The 2018 book “We Changed The Game” is an important addition to the documented history of the short-lived American Basketball Association, the 1960s and 1970s sports landscape in the United States and the challenges of upstart leagues, the economic realities of the aforementioned era and the ups and downs of the Indiana Pacers financially, as well as the team’s long list of accomplishments.

We Changed The Game was a labor of love for three men connected to the Pacers from their earliest days. Bob “Neto” Netolicky, the late Richard Tinkham (he passed away at age 86 in October 2018) and Robin Miller shared stories, anecdotes, scene-setting narratives and ample doses of game…

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