Ed Odeven Reporting

This feature appeared in the April-June 2004 issue of Swimming Technique.

The LONG and SHORT of it

Coaches Bob Gillett and Dick Shoulberg explain how they train their swimmers for long course competition by using short course pools

By Ed Odeven

America is one of the few places in the world where the metric system is not the prevailing measuring stick for most things. (Think heights, weights and distances. For instance, without the aid of a conversion chart, how many of you can instantly calculate the height in centimeters and the weight in grams of that ice cream sundae you just ate? Me neither.)

Which is why some pools are designed with yardage in mind. Many pools in the United Kingdom and United States are 25 yards in length. These, of course, are referred to as short course pools.

But, as you know, the international swimming community prefers to useā€¦

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