Ed Odeven Reporting

This column appeared in the Arizona Daily Sun.


June 18, 2005

By Ed Odeven

Count to eight. But not too quickly. If you do, you’ll be too fast to simulate the amount of time a bull rider has to brave the elements — a bull’s bucking and spinning, flesh-ripping horns and, oh yeah, 2,000 pounds of danger — for eight seconds.

That’s the duration of a ride, a day’s work.

Above all, this job is an adrenaline rush for a bull rider.

“The easiest way I explain it is a lot of people put something in their arm to get the feeling we get every eight seconds (on the bull),” said Jason Mattox, a bull rider from Wickenburg, Friday evening at the 24th annual Flagstaff Pine Country Pro Rodeo at the Coconino County Fairgrounds. “They’ve got to pay to hurt themselves; whereas (for) us, it’s a…

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