Ed Odeven Reporting

I conducted this interview for Boxingscene.com in January 2005.

Rick Schroder Returns To The (Cinematic) Ring

By Ed Odeven

As a young boy, Ricky Schroder made his feature-film debut in “The Champ” in 1979. Jon Voight played his ex-champ dad.

A quarter-century later, Schroder makes his directorial debut in “Black Cloud.” He also acted in, wrote and produced the independent film, which was filmed in the summer of 2003 in and around Chinle, Ariz., a Navajo Nation town near the Four Corners Region, and Las Vegas.

By Hollywood standards, the movie’s budget was microscopic ($750,000 and shot in one month), but the movie does not have a low-budget feel. To a man, the movie’s cinematography, fight scenes and dramatic impact are particularly impressive.

According to the movie’s official Web site, “Black Cloud is an inspirational story about a young Navajo Native American boxer who overcomes personal challenges as he comes…

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