Bejing2008 730
Ed Odeven at the Closing Ceremony during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Filing stories from Beijing — a dream come true — there was an abundance of memories each day. For me here are 10 unforgettable events and writings from the 2008 Summer Olympics:

Usain Bolt’s 200-meter record

Team USA’s victory in the men’s basketball final

Ryoko Tani’s reign as Olympic judo champ comes to an end

Japan shocks the U.S. in softball final

Swimmer Kosuke Kitajima completes back-to-back double-gold medal haul

Related column on the legend Kitajima

Michael Phelps’ razor-thin victory in the 100-meter butterfly, his record-tying seventh gold

A related column after Phelps’ gold medal No. 8

Star 110-meter hurdler Liu Xiang’s injury withdrawal brought a nation to tears

China gold medal-winning men’s gymnastics team brings joy and inspiration to Sichuan Province after region’s devastating earthquake


Two bonus pieces

A fun-filled few hours at the beach volleyball courts

Kobe Bryant, Yao Ming and others take stock of basketball’s global growth before the U.S.-China showdown at outset of Olympic tourney. A day before the Sunday clash, Kobe declared “it will be the highest-energy game I’ll ever be part of.”

Postscript: The web archives appear to be missing a stack of articles, including a few Beijing Postcard entries that I’d like to add to this list. I hope to update it soon.