Ed Odeven Reporting

This featured appeared in The Japan Times in August 2006

LeBron has America’s young guns shooting

By Ed Odeven

Indisputably wise beyond his years, more confident than his peers, LeBron James lounged comfortably in front of cameras and microphones at a Tokyo hotel on Monday afternoon, gazed at the assembled crowd and uttered one short sentence that reveals the true essence behind his success.

“I don’t believe in pressure,” he said.

When he made the quantum leap from an Ohio high school to the NBA, LeBron James believed his talent would carry him to great heights.

It has.

James, 21, is the brightest young star in the NBA. His squad, the Cleveland Cavaliers, is now a threat to be a perennial title contender, as evidenced by its breakout performance in the playoffs this past season. And James, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2003 draft out of an Akron…

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