The Sendai 89ers are lending a helping hand to a 17-year-old South Dakota student’s fight against cancer.

Halfway around the world, Conrad Adam, a high school basketball player, has his own team of supporters, the 89ers. In fact, they are part of a larger throng affectionately known as Conrad’s Clan, including Sendai big man Sam Willard, who attended T.F. Riggs High in Pierre, South Dakota, where Adam is a student.

Adam’s left leg was amputated above the knee in October at Mayo St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, and he now has a prosthetic. It’s a major life-altering experience for anyone, especially for someone filled with youthful vigor. Going through chemotherapy sessions can be a daunting task for anyone, but the encouragement from Conrad’s Clan has given him a big boost.

“Conrad has a journal online that he posts updates on that give people an idea of how he is doing,” Willard told Hoop Scoop. “That’s how I keep up with how he’s doing. I’m also in contact with my (former) basketball coach (Terry Becker) and he has told me that Conrad’s good attitude continues to amaze everyone each day. From what he’s posted, you can tell that he is being very positive through this extremely tough situation and his attitude is amazing.

“He is still going through treatment right now, and his spirits are high, (so) all we can do is hope that his health continues to improve.”

Source: 89ers lend support to S. Dakota teen battling cancer | The Japan Times