By Ed Odeven
TOKYO (Feb. 11, 2015) — I spoke to former world heavyweight boxing champion James “Buster” Douglas a few weeks ago in preparation for a series of articles on the 25th anniversary of his 10th-round knockdown victory of Mike Tyson at Tokyo Dome.

We chatted briefly about basketball, too. After all, Douglas was a standout forward in high school — he helped lead his team to a state championship – and at the junior college level.

These days, how much attention do you pay to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers? I asked.

“Big time,” said Douglas, a Columbus, Ohio, native. “The Cavs are my favorite. I follow LeBron. Miami was my favorite when he left the Cavs and went to Miami, but he’s back with the Cavs, so I’m back with the Cavs again.

“I’m a big-time LeBron James fan. He’s a great ballplayer and a great young man.”

What are your thoughts on the second half of the season for the Cavs?

“I think they are going to do all right,” Douglas told me. “They are going to pull together and make the playoffs and they are going to start jelling and coming together a little better, which I expected at the beginning of the season (it would take time) to get used to one another’s ways and getting the rhythm down. And now they are starting to turn the corner, I think, for this final stretch to make the playoffs, and maybe come along very well.”

Have you ever played LeBron one-on-one?

“No, I haven’t had a chance to meet him yet,” Douglas said. “Yeah, to meet him would be great.”


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