By Ed Odeven
TOKYO (Updated on September 30, 2020) — I’ve been building up the site with a variety of interviews for nearly seven years. Here are many of them in one place. Most of them were done exclusively for this site.

From A to Z…

*Sean Anthony (Hypo2 Sport founder, longtime behind-the-scenes guy for Olympic athletes)

*Paul Baker (president of Stadium Journey, a website that chronicles the fan experience at sports venues spanning the globe)

*Alex Belth (journalist, curator, the creative force behind the Bronx Banter Blog and The Stacks Reader)

*Steve Bitker (sports announcer, author)

*Paola Boivin (sports columnist for The Arizona Republic and

*Stephen Brunt (Sportsnet columnist, best-selling Canadian author, broadcaster)

An eight-part summer series in 2018:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

*Brin-Jonathan Butler (author, sports journalist, documentary filmmaker)

*Marco Cianfanelli (South African artist who created Nelson Mandela boxing sculpture)

*Wayne Coffey (sports reporter, author)

*Karen Crouse (New York Times sports writer)

*Jack Curry (baseball author, sports reporter)

*Christopher Davies (soccer journalist, author)

*John Eisenberg (sports columnist, author)

*Anthony Famiglietti (Olympic runner, entrepreneur)

*Pat Farabaugh (author of a book on former NBA teammates Maurice Stokes and Jack Twyman)

*James Fiorentino (portrait artist, painter)

*Steven Goldman (journalist, author)

*Kara Goucher (Olympic runner, co-host of “Clean Sport Collective” podcast)

*Aram Goudsouzian (historian, author)

*Derrick Hall (Arizona Diamondbacks president)

*Dave Hannigan (journalist, author)

*Thomas Hauser (boxing columnist, author)

*Mark Heisler (longtime NBA reporter, columnist)

*Bob Hill (former NBA head coach)

*Ron Higgins (sports columnist,, The Times-Picayune)

*Jerald Hoover (sports journalist, playwright, documentary director)

*Dave Hyde (sports columnist)

*Zak Keefer (sports journalist)

*Peter Kerasotis (sports journalist)

A second interview with Peter about working with Felipe Alou on his memoir:

*Greg Logan (longtime Newsday sportswriter, author)

*Lopez Lomong (Olympic runner, author, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, American citizen)

*Terry Lyons (former NBA PR executive for global communications)

*Karan Madhok (basketball journalist from India)

*Andrew Maraniss (author, former MLB media relations staff for Tampa Bay Devil Rays)

*Howard Megdal (sports journalist, author)

*Peter Mehlman (writer, producer, journalist, comedian)

*Javier Morales (sports writer, website operator)

*Craig Morgan (NHL reporter, specializing in Arizona Coyotes coverage)

*Dave Ord (sports writer, soccer fanatic, FC Tucson historian and statistician)

*Opie Otterstad (painter, specializing in sports portraits)

*Jeff Pearlman (sports journalist, author)

*Ron Rapoport (sports journalist, author)

*Linda Robertson (sports columnist)

*Carlo Rotella (director of American Studies at Boston College, writer, journalist)

*Pat Shannahan (photographer)

*Art Spander (sports journalist)

*Marc Stein (NBA writer for ESPN at the time of this Q&A; now with The New York Times)

*Peter Vecsey (longtime NBA columnist, insider and analyst, ABA expert)

*Mark Whicker (longtime sports columnist, Nat Fleischer Award recipient for sustained excellence in coverage of boxing)

*Alexander Wolff (longtime Sports Illustrated writer, author)


This interview was done during the 2006 FIBA World Basketball Championship in Japan.

*Adam Simon (Miami Heat scout)


The two below were published in the Arizona Daily Sun.

*Bob Melvin (MLB manager)

*Ernie Harwell (Longtime MLB announcer)

COLUMN: A June 2002 conversation with legendary MLB announcer Ernie Harwell – Ed Odeven Reporting