By Ed Odeven

What can be done to improve the league? Shake things up in the league office? That’s a necessary step, but don’t expect it to occur, not anytime soon at least.

A fan (read below) weighed in on this timely topic, what with two of the league’s original six teams facing serious problems and possibly both not playing in 2011-12.

It’s already been announced the Tokyo Apache are out of the picture for the coming season and now the Oita HeatDevils are  begging fans to pitch in and donate money to help keep the team afloat. But if that happens, will Oita even have a team worth watching? Considering the fact that the HeatDevils have already been “saved,” just like the Takamatsu Five Arrows, coming off a 10-win season after a disastrous 13-win campaign, and you can really have your doubts.

This is clear: Those in power, in key positions at the league office, have created many more problems than they’ve solved. And this isn’t going to change anytime soon.

To wit:

“How do you shake up the very ones controlling everything and everyone in the league?” a smart source wrote. “It is so disappointing to see them ruin the chance to grow this sport in Japan into the ground. Too darn self-absorbed to admit when they have NO clue what they are doing. And too darn proud to ask for help from those who do have a clue.”