There will be days when I’m not in a “rip-the-bj-league mood.”

Today is not one of those days.

I see the league stuck in a situation where the leadership vacuum is hurting its ability to gain a respectable following among the media and be able to educate the public about its players, personalities, trends, fans, coaches, all of whom are vital to gaining respectability.

When the league needs to be pro-active and aggressive in gaining new beat writers and hard-core feature writers, it does things at a snail-like pace far too often.

To wit:

The bj-league still has zero media participation for voting for its MVP and other important awards, not even separate awards for the media to choose.

Those at the league office should be ashamed of themselves for not seeing the big picture.

Does the league actually want to be viewed as a legitimate (translation: REAL) pro league? Well, the way it operates, in many ways, provides the opposite definition.