This brief article, which introduces the latest episode of “Sports Talk,” first appeared on SportsLook, JAPAN Forward’s dedicated sports website.

Listen in as photographer Lord K2 (aka David Sharabani) joins sports editor Ed Odeven for a wide-ranging discussion about his new bilingual, coffee-table size photography book Sumo.

Lord K2 shares memories of first discovering sumo on TV as a teenager while living in Britain and being mesmerized by the sport. He also highlights his overall approach to this project more than three decades later, as he sets out to document every aspect of the sport as a keen observer. 

On the podcast, Lord K2 reflects on watching intense workouts at sumo stables and seeing wrestlers unwind after work. He points out that capturing the daily rhythm and traditional and contemporary elements of the sport’s culture were key objectives in this detail-rich book.

The project, photographed from 2015-2017, enables foreigners and Japanese the same opportunity to learn about the ancient sport.

Listen to the podcast on SportsLook.