Ed Odeven Reporting

This feature appeared in the Arizona Daily Sun in July 2003.

Seeking a mean streak

By Ed Odeven

Don’t be surprised if quarterbacks who have been retired for 20 years still wake up with this recurring nightmare: “Mean” Joe Greene chasing after them and delivering a bone-crushing hit.

They didn’t call him “Mean Joe” for nothing. Greene was a ferocious, relentless, hard-nosed defensive tackle, one of the key components of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ vaunted “Steel Curtain” defense in the 1970s, playing for a team that won four Super Bowls.

A 10-time Pro Bowl player and a Hall of Famer, Greene is entering his 16th season as an NFL coach, his eighth season as the Cardinals’ defensive line coach. Before joining the Big Red, he coached for the Miami Dolphins (1992-95) and the Steelers (’87-’91).

“Right now I’m a coach and I enjoy being a coach,” Greene said after Wednesday’s afternoon…

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