There’s an abundance of excellent books written by American sports journalists. I was recently asked to pick five for a post that I wrote for

Here’s an introductory excerpt from the piece:

As a sports reporter since 1990, my never-ending passion for reading and studying the best sports journalism is captured in these five books. The art of column writing, while capturing the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, and the intricacies of every game under the sun, is celebrated in these books by David Halberstam, Paul Zimmerman, Red Smith, Dave Anderson, and Dave Kindred. My voracious reading of sports columns plus magazine profiles, online essays, and thousands of books, has given me a great appreciation for authors who capture the essence of competition and reveal the biggest and smallest examples of themes unique to teams and eras, iconoclasts and forgotten figures.

Why did I choose the books pictured above by Halberstam, Dr. Z, Smith, Anderson and Kindred?

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