Ed Odeven Reporting

This article appeared in The Japan Times in August 2016.

Jennings predicts jail time for Blatter

By Ed Odeven

For decades, British investigative reporter Andrew Jennings has exposed corruption at the highest levels in global sports.

Repeatedly, his relentless, painstaking work has paid off. It has led to major scoops that shed light on problems that plagued — and continue to plague — the Olympic movement and the IOC, global soccer and FIFA.

In short, the fearless inquisitor is one of the most important journalists of the past four-plus decades.

One moment from 2002 encapsulates his career. Jennings asked then-FIFA president Sepp Blatter at the end of a news conference if he had ever taken a bribe. A denial was blurted out.

“How rude (was the press corps’ reaction). In the space around me were well-dressed reporters and they made it clear that they’ve got nothing to do with this…

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