During Leo Durocher’s colorful baseball career, he became friends with a who’s who list of show-biz celebrities.

Frank Sinatra was one of Durocher’s closest friends.

In Leo’s 1975 memoir, “Nice Guys Finish Last,” written with Ed Linn, he recalls one of his most unique interactions with Sinatra (and Rat Pack pal Dean Martin).

He reminisces:

“There was another time when Frank and Dean were listening to the game in a London bar over one of those transatlantic radios. We had a pretty good lead, but Roger Craig was getting belted around pretty good, when all of a sudden the telephone in the dugout rang. The only direct line is between the dugout and the bullpen. The switchboard is under strict orders to put no other calls through. I don’t know whether Frank sung ‘The Second Time Around’ to her or what, but Joe Becker was holding the phone and saying, ‘Leo, it’s for you.’

” ‘How long you going to leave that bum in there?’ the voice said. ‘Going to wait until they get ten runs?’ As soon as I recognized who it was I hung up.

“Everybody was looking at me. ‘It was Frank Sinatra,’ I said. ‘From London.

“There wasn’t a man who believed me.”