Ed Odeven Reporting

This article appeared in the Arizona Daily Sun.

H2opi’s epic run to Mexico won’t be forgotten

By Ed Odeven

KYKOTSMOVI, Ariz. (April 13, 2006) — These are faces and voices that share an ancient wisdom. And their strong legs carried them more than 2,000 miles to share an important reminder:

Water is essential to all living things.

The 27 H2opi Run participants, ranging in age from 12 to 74 who left the village of Lower Mungapi (on the outskirts of Tuba City) on March 2, embarked on a life-changing mission they believed in with every ounce of their beings. And after 14 days on the road, the Hopi runners arrived in Mexico City on March 15 for the Fourth World Water Forum.

In the words of Ruben Saufkie Sr., the H2opi Run coordinator, this was a “run of respect for water.”

This was probably the longest relay run in the…

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