Twenty-five years after Hideo Nomo’s first MLB season, I’ve written an eight-part series looking back at Nomomania for JAPAN Forward.

Interviews with Luis Tiant, Nomo’s agent Don Nomura, ex-Dodgers PR staff member Grace McNamee (nee Morino), former Dodgers general manager Fred Claire, ex-Dodgers owner Peter O’Malley and former Dodgers teammate Tom Candiotti, as well as archival quotes from legendary Dodgers announcer Vin Scully and an exclusive interview with Nomo are featured in this series.

Part 1: BASEBALL | Revisiting Nomomania: 25 Years Later, Pitching Great Luis Tiant Discusses Hideo Nomo’s Similar Style, Fierce Determination

Part 2: BASEBALL | Remembering Nomomania: Agent Don Nomura Looks Back at Trailblazing Client’s Historic Career

Part 3: BASEBALL | Nomomania: An Inside Look at How the Dodgers Handled the Media Demands

Part 4: BASEBALL | Nomomania: Former Dodgers Executive Fred Claire Reminisces About 1995 Joyride

Part 5: BASEBALL | Nomomania: Iconic Announcer Vin Scully Delivered Vivid Descriptions of The Tornado’s Historic Season 

Part 6: BASEBALL | Nomomania: Former Dodgers Owner Peter O’Malley Reflects on Friendship with Trailblazing Pitcher

Part 7: BASEBALL | Nomomania: Former Teammate Tom Candiotti Recalls Pitcher’s Sense of Humor, Humility

Part 8: BASEBALL | Nomomania: National Hero Expresses Pride in Japanese Players’ Success in MLB