Ed Odeven Reporting

This column appeared in the Arizona Daily Sun 10 years ago.

Headline: Ex-NBA star giving back to Denver community

By Ed Odeven

April 17, 2004

His story is better than any buzzer-beating basket. His reality beats any fantasy.

Micheal Ray Richardson overcame the path of self-destruction and now does all he can to keep others away from the perils of drugs.

As the community ambassador of the Denver Nuggets, Richardson is a visible figure in his home state, a tireless spokesman for one of the most important topics of our time: drugs.

“I speak to kids every day about how important it is to stay in school, to carefully choose your friends and beware of the dangers about being around the wrong people since they are always getting involved with drugs,” Richardson was saying Saturday during a phone conversation.

“My speech is really from my history. I think that a…

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