Ed Odeven Reporting

This column on NBA star LeBron James appeared in the Arizona Daily Sun in December 2004.

Thanks to James, NBA still lots of fun

By Ed Odeven


It’s easy to dislike the NBA. There are too many spoiled, uncoachable players, too much reliance on one-on-one play and too many 82-76 games. And the recent mayhem in Motown did nothing to enhance the league’s image.

Don’t put LeBron James into the what-is-wrong-with-the-NBA file.

James is a joy to watch on the basketball court, exciting crowds with a mesmerizing blend of Michael Jordan’s love for the game, Dominique Wilkins’ showmanship and Julius Erving’s penchant for making plays you have to watch 10 times in slow-mo to fully grasp what he just did.

James dunks a basketball with as much creativity and authority as any player in the game. He exhibits an ever-expanding repertoire of shots from all spots of the floor…

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