Ed Odeven Reporting

This article appeared in The Japan Times on Aug. 23, 2006. Adam Simon, the interview subject, is now the Miami Heat’s assistant general manager and GM (basketball operations) of the team’s NBA Development League affiliate, Sioux Falls Skyforce.


By Ed Odeven

HIROSHIMA — If evaluating basketball talent is your job, the FIBA World Championship is a good place to be.

International/college scout Adam Simon of the Miami Heat, who won the NBA title in June, will amass enough frequent flier miles to visit Pluto before the year is through. That’s what happens when your passport bears the stamp of African and South American nations, and you work in numerous European countries, too.

But here he was Monday, watching the Japan-Panama game at the Hiroshima Prefectural Sports Center, just one of many stops for the easygoing Floridian during a busy summer.

Simon has worked for…

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