Ed Odeven Reporting

This commentary piece appeared in the Arizona Daily Sun.

Headline: Canseco exposed in ring

By Ed Odeven
YOKOHAMA (May 31, 2009) — Several months after Mike Tyson nibbled on Evander Holyfield’s ear during an unforgettable heavyweight championship bout in the summer of 1997, I attended one of his training sessions in Phoenix.

I considered it a good excuse to leave ASU’s Tempe campus for a few hours. And it was an outing jam-packed with autograph seekers, pen-wielding journalists and plenty of cameras and microphones within an arm’s length of the fearsome fighter.

Nobody can deny the fact that a Tyson training session attracted more interest – and morbid curiosity – than a typical afternoon boxing workout in those days.

Fast forward to last Tuesday. And there I was at Yokohama Arena with one of my colleagues from The Japan Times, mixed martial arts fanatic Kaz Nagatsuka, for another event that…

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