I came across this memorable passage in an excellent interview with John Schulian, who has worn many hats in a distinguished career (news reporter, sports columnist, magazine writer, book editor, TV writer).

“These are games they’re writing about, not the end of the world. If you miss one, don’t worry—there will be another tomorrow. The same with heroes—there’s a bus pulling into town with a new batch every day. Life is going to go on. Enjoy it, examine it, try to understand it, and try to write about it in a way that will stand up for more than a day. When you have the chance and the clock is on your side, try to put something on paper that years later will help someone stumbling across your words understand the time in which you lived and wrote.”

Full interview: http://www.bibliobuffet.com/archive-index-athletic-supporter/1680-we-write-and-take-our-chances-an-interview-with-john-schulian-012212%5D