As a followup to a story I wrote for Sports On Earth, here’s a look at what has been accomplished with surplus cash from the 1984 Summer Games.

“The $234 million surplus of the 1984 Olympic Games created a human legacy that endures 30 years later,” said Anita L. DeFrantz, president of the LA84 Foundation. “The USOC received 60 percent of the surplus and invested it in elite athlete development. Southern California used the remaining surplus and to create the LA84 Foundation. The Foundation has invested more than $214 in Southern California sports, making grants to 1,100 youth sports organizations serving 3 million young people.

“We’re now starting to see the second generation of benefit as young adults who participated in Foundation-funded programs move into coaching, administrative and volunteer roles in youth sport. And, of course, the millions of people who were touched by experiencing the Games in 1984 keep the Olympic spirit alive by continuing to tell their stories.”

The following Sports One Earth feature examines the legacy of the 1984 Games and the 1964 Tokyo Games before the IOC members vote for the 2020 host city on Saturday night in Buenos Aires (Sunday morning in Tokyo)

Sports On Earth feature: