Tuesday night commentary.

As the NBA lockout drags on and on, possibly for an entire calendar year, it would be wise for the bj-league to adjust its salary cap. Raise it or make an exception to the rule.

Give teams an incentive to sign one player (or two) to a contract that doesn’t have to fit into the salary cap structure. Give teams an incentive to add a high-profile player — an NBA veteran or star — who can increase ticket sales and TV ratings and drive up interest in the sport among this nation’s mass media, as well as international coverage of the league, which is craving for greater attention. (And hey, at some point the league could really benefit from a bandwagon of some kind.)

There’s no reason this can’t be done.The league office can meet with big sponsors, large companies and outline the benefits of increased exposure and tie-ins to NBA players, even if it’s only for the short-term. Call on prefectural governors to join the mix — with not-so-subtle pressure — to get things done quickly, utilizing political connections to make deals happen.

But the clock is ticking.

The season tips off in early October.

There’s no time to waste.