Some things never change, and some memories don’t fade away.

As a college journalism student at Arizona State, I watched Mike Batiste play for the Sun Devils for a few seasons. After his first few games with the team in 1996-97, I wrote a feature on him for the ASU State Press, the five-days-a-week student newspaper.

I can still remember the headline — my buddy Randy, the sports editor, was a big believer in using alliteration in headlines:

“B-baller banger Batiste brings buckets, boards”

Fast forward to 2011 and Batiste is still a force in pro hoops, playing in the Greek League for Panathinaikos, which won its third Euroleague title during his time with the club over the weekend.

I don’t recall most of the details of the State Press story on Batiste, but Randy’s headline still pops into my head from time to time.

As for Batiste, good to see that he’s still an effective player, still making an impact at both ends of the floor.