One of the greatest European basketball minds in history, Zeljko Pavlicevic, wrapped up his first season as head coach of the Shimane Susanoo Magic last week, as the team lost in the first round of the bj-league playoffs to the Rizing Fukuoka.

Did the league feature an extensive interview on BJTV about his experience in Year One as Shimane’s coach?


Did the league publish a thorough Q&A of Pavlicevic’s impressions of the league, his team, the challenges it faces (pros and cons) and other insight that would be welcome exposure for the league and likely be reprinted by many writers and bloggers?


Did the league even consider either idea?

I doubt it.

This is (sadly) another reminder of a PR department — the one that sets the tone for all 16 teams — that just doesn’t get it and/or just doesn’t care.

You be the judge.