Ed Odeven Reporting

By Ed Odeven
TOKYO (Oct. 7, 2018)

Editor’s note: I wrote this piece in June 2018, a few months before Dave Anderson passed away at age 89 this week.

“He was one of the greats of this era, absolutely.”
-Dave Anderson

Few sports journalists can claim they have the same breadth of knowledge about Jerry Izenberg as Dave Anderson.

That statement, composed in June 2018, underscores the longevity of both men’s lives, and highlights their contributions to sports journalism, particularly newspapers.

Anderson, born in May 1929 in New York, graduated from high school in 1947, the same year that Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers broke Major League Baseball’s modern color barrier. And Anderson remained a sharp observer of contemporary sports media and its rich history during a phone interview in 2016 for an upcoming biographical book on Izenberg, which includes a vast section of interviews and short essays…

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